Welcome to Karen Grace Wellness - the online home of my Holistic Wellbeing Practice. This is a space for you learn, be inspired and feel supported.

I am an Integrative Nutrition Health Coach, 200 Hour Registered Yoga Teacher, and a doTERRA Wellness Advocate.

My mission is to help you create your healthiest, most joyful and fulfilled life. When you work with me, we will define your needs and goals and I will be here to provide support, inspiration and tools, empowering you on your journey. My work is to support you to elevate your health and wellbeing today and into the future.

You can currently work with me through coaching, using essential oils, or by joining me to create your own doTERRA business.

My Story

A scientist by nature and training, I got my PhD in Biology in London and continued with post-doctoral research before making the move to working in the Pharmaceutical industry in drug safety and regulation for ten years.

Over the last few years I have grown to lead a more conscious and holistic lifestyle, as I moved away from my corporate world to follow my passions and interests to set up Karen Grace Wellness. In that time, I have deepened my yoga practice and study, become much more aware about the food I eat and ended my unhealthy relationship with alcohol. I trained to be a Yoga Teacher and Integrative Nutrition Health Coach and became a DoTERRA Wellness Advocate so I could share the tools and practices that had helped me along my own journey to better health.

I am fascinated with understanding how we influence, interact with and process our environment to determine our life experience. I believe we all have more power than we know to determine our wellbeing and destiny. I believe our everyday lifestyle choices are the most powerful medicine we have to proactively support our wellbeing on all levels. Our health truly is our wealth.

My aim is to use a holistic, evidence-based approach to health and wellbeing, considering you, along with your environment, actions and relationships, and to use natural methods and tools to inspire, educate and empower you in making conscious lifestyle choices to live your happiest, healthiest, most fulfilled life.