Will you choose a Word for 2018?

It’s almost that time - the New Year. At this time of year, I usually start planning all the million ways I am going to be new and improved in the coming year.  I set myself up for certain failure from the very beginning, pledging to become healthier, fitter, kinder, more productive, and generally aiming for improvement in every area of my life. January 1st arrives and I manage perhaps 70 percent of the brand new habits I plan to implement on January 1st (did not manage to get up at 5am and drink a green smoothie), and this dwindles day by day.  The result is that I feel like I have failed and that I am nowhere near the new and improved Me I envisioned on 31st December. Does any of this sound familiar?

So this year, I am not going to make any grand and unrealistic New Year’s resolutions. This year I am being very intentional in my goal setting for the whole year, both personally and professionally. (This is not to say I am not dreaming big). Along with this I am choosing one word to use throughout the year to guide me on my way and keep me on course. This word will remind me of the mindset I want to maintain as well as the Big Picture of my vision. My hope is that this word will steer me back onto my desired path and keep in the front of my mind all of my intentions and goals I set out. That’s a lot to ask from one word.

And so the process of choosing a word commenced! Not easy. How do you choose one word to represent so much and keep you on track for a whole year, or until such a time a different word is more appropriate? So I decided to take a step back and just let the word crystallise and come to me - the way all best ideas come.

My Word for 2018 is going to be Align.

According to vocabulary.com, to align means the following, “to bring something into a straight line, or an easy agreement. … Align comes from the French a, meaning "to" and ligne meaning "line," and it means to bring something into line with something else. This can be literal. If you are hanging a painting, you'll want to align it with the window frame. The line can also be metaphorical. If you run for office, your political opinions will need to be aligned with those of your supporters”.

At the most simple level, ‘Align’ will remind me to always come back into agreement with my goals and intentions. But alignment means so much more and reminds me that all of my desires, intentions and actions should be in alignment with who I am at my core.

I am planning another post about the importance of alignment - something that I have only started to recognise and understand in the last year or so. When we are aligned, life flows, we feel joy and everything just seems to feel right. You know that feeling when you are doing something you love and are good at, and and you could quite happily do it for all time? Or when something just seems easy, there is no hustle or stress involved? That’s alignment.

What about you? Will you choose a word for 2018? I would love to hear what you have chosen and why!

Karen Houston