A Day in the Life: How to use Essential Oils throughout your day to support your wellbeing on all levels.


I was having a chat with my friend about using essential oils last week and I offered to give some suggestions of how I use my oils - a “day in the life” kind of thing. So I though it would be good idea to share with all of you as well in a blog post :)

There are absolutely countless way to integrate essential oils into your everyday routines to help support your health and wellbeing, and reduce your toxic load so that you know exactly what you are putting on your skin and breathing into your system (and it’s good for you!).

So below is an example of what I use the oils for in a typical day - just to give you some ideas - I hope this may be useful!

Morning Routine

Wake up
First thing to wake up and clear brain fog, also while journaling- Air (formerly Breathe) - inhale directly from the bottle, or rub a drip between your palms and inhale deeply. So. Good.

During my yoga practice I am currently using the three oils from the Yoga Collection - all are amazing, and which one I use depends on how I am feeling and my intention for practice. I either diffuse, or apply to my palms as above.


Dry brushing
Before getting in the shower I add a few drops of Lemon or Grapefruit to my dry skin brush, and brush all over with long strokes towards my heart. Stimulates my lymphatic system and smells absolutely amazing and fresh.

I wash my face with the HD clear face wash - this is packed with essential oils and I have not found a face wash that I have used continuously like this for almost a year - I usually swap and change all the time. Not now. I absolutely swear by the doTERRA Verage face serum - it has transformed my skin in terms of texture and clarity. On top of this I apply one of the flower oils such as Rose, Jasmine or Neroli, and will reapply these during the day under my eyes.

I also use a doTERRA moisturiser and deodorant. Both are made with all natural ingredients so I know exactly what I am putting on my skin.

Other oils I use daily:

Clarycalm - This is the women’s monthly blend and helps balance hormones, reducing PMT etc. I use this daily through out the month, and have noticed a massive difference in my mood when I would usually be lethargic and generally PMT-ish!

Copaiba - I take two drops of Copaiba daily under my tongue for immune support and to help support reduction in inflammation.

On Guard, Melaleuca, Oregano - at the minute I am applying this trio daily to the soles of my feet for immune support. Coming into the Autumn now and usually always come down with colds and sore throats - not with this trio!

Balance - Balance is the most delicious smelling grounding blend. I apply this daily to my pulse points and back of my neck. Also great on the sole of your feet, but by this stage mine have been well oiled :).

I take the Life Long Vitality Supplements daily. This is the best thing I have done. This is a trio of supplements that I will write more about soon, but the point is that since I committed to taking these regularly, I have had so much energy, vitality, motivation. My hair and skin have been in better condition than ever.

After all of this I do not need any perfume, because I smell ah-mazing.

Throughout the Day (this can change depending on the day, but generally what I will use)

Diffuse oils everywhere, especially where I am working. The oils I choose depends on my mood and what I am doing, but lately I have been loving citrus oils like Lime and Bergamot. So refreshing and energising.

Digestive Support
If I get bloated or have some indigestion, I use ZenGest and it works in minutes. This is an oil I could not live without.

Focus and Concentration
Working from home and for myself, I need to be mindful of my attention, focus and motivation. I use the In Tune focus blend daily when I need to concentrate, this is probably one of my favourite oils aromatically. I also use Motivate blend when I need an extra boost!

I tend to get quite a lot of headaches, but I have found that Past Tense the tension blend work wonders, applied on my forehead, temples and back of neck.

Shoulder tension
I also carry a lot of tension in my shoulders, which many of us do, especially sitting at a desk for prolonged periods. I apply Deep Blue soothing blend to my neck and shoulders to help, and this will also help if I have a headache coming on caused by the tension.

If I am feeling a bit stressed out or anxious, I always turn to Peace blend, which I carry with me everywhere!

I make up my own all purpose cleaner with water, vinegar and On Guard, Lemon and Wild Orange

Night Time

At night I use the same skincare products as the morning.

A warm bath with some epsom salts, a carrier oil like fractionated coconut oil and lavender. Soooo good.

I usually diffuse Serenity the restful blend beside my bed- one of my favourite oils and so soothing for going to bed.

I apply Wild Orange to the soles of my feet with some fractionated coconut oil - so so so good to help sleep.

And that’s it in a nutshell! There are lots of other oils I use and this may change depend on what I need on a particular day, but it is just so amazing to have all of these oils on hand for me to reach for to support me with whatever is going on at that time.

If you have questions or ideas, I would love to hear from you. If you want to find out more about any of these oils - follow the links above and if you want to get your hands on any of them, get in touch and I will help you get started, it would be a pleasure. You can also set up your own account and shop right away by following these instructions.

Karen Houston