The Top Ten Essential Oils and what they can do for You!

The world of essential oils may seem confusing if you have not used oils before. You may be thinking, where do I even start? What are all the oils used for? How can I use each oil? Does it matter which oils I get?

I am here to help :). I am going to lay out here in a (hopefully) straightforward way, how you can get started with the top ten oils every home should have. These top ten oils can support you in so many different ways. If you have these ten oils, you can:

  • Detoxify your home of chemical cleaning products

  • Turn to natural support for minor ailments

  • Promote healthy immune support

  • Ease signs of seasonal threats

  • Support digestive function

  • Soothe aching muscles and other discomforts

  • Promote a good night’s sleep

  • Manage your mood and emotions

  • Create an all natural skincare routine

This is just a quick insight, and there is so much more once you start working with each individual oil.

So let’s start looking at the oils! I’ve tried to keep this brief to give you a quick overview with a quick background on each oil and some of my favourite ways to use them, to give you some ideas.


Peppermint is such an energising oil. It comes from you guessed it, the peppermint plant. It is great when diffused in the morning or any time you need an invigorating boost of energy. You can also use it topically to help soothe discomfort from headaches, and also to cool down in hot temperatures. It’s great used in cooking or baking, especially with chocolate! Yum!


Lavender is one of the most popular and well known essential oils and for good reason. Lavender is most well know for its calming and soothing properties. It can be used aromatically at night to help aid a good night’s sleep, and also to help ease anxious or stressful feelings. Lavender is also wonderful for your skin, and can be added to your moisturiser or as a face serum. It can also help soothe minor burns on the skin. And insect bites! I have been saved on more than one occasion from the horrible itching of mosquito bites by lavender.

On Guard

On Guard is doTERRA’s Protective Blend. It contains oils such a clove, wild orange, cinnamon and laurel leaf. So many uses for this fantastic blend! Apply it topically to help fight off seasonal threats, use it to make your own non-toxic surface cleaners, make your own natural mouthwash, add a drop to your toothpaste to help support gum heath, diffuse to clear the air of airborne threats. The clove oil in this blend means it can also help ease discomfort of toothache. This oil is a staple!

ZenGest / Digest Zen

Another staple. For me this oil is one I take everywhere with me. This is doTERRA’s Digestive Blend. It contains all sorts of oils that are beneficial for digestive comfort. Oils such as peppermint, ginger, cumin, coriander, fennel, tarragon. If I am ever feeling any digestive discomfort, for example after a big meal or if I am feeling bloated, this will ease discomfort super quickly. I have also found that it will ease any nausea I am feeling almost instantly.


Another of DoTERRA’s staple blends, Air is the Respiratory blend. This is a deep menthol oil that is fantastic for easing signs of congestion. You can diffuse, create a steam bath, or apply topically to the chest area. You can also apply it topically to the soles of the feet. This is also great diffused to clear any stale energy in a room.


Also known as Tea tree, Melaleuca is such a useful oil to have on hand, due to its antimicrobial properties. I use this in my home-made cleaning products, and also in my skin care routine when ever I have any problem spots.


Oregano is known for its benefits in promoting healthy immune support. Oregano can be applied topically to the soles of the feet to help fight of season threats, and I use this, along with On Guard and Melaleuca when ever I feel run down to support my system. So so good.

Deep Blue

I love Deep Blue, doTERRA’s soothing blend. This blend contains oils such a camphor, wintergreen, ylang ylang and peppermint (and more). This is the blend to have on hand to ease and soothe aching muscles, whether that’s after working out, or sitting at a desk or driving for long periods of time. I regularly use this on my neck and shoulders which get super stiff sitting at a desk. I would tend to get tension headaches from the tension in my neck and shoulders too, and this oils blend is amazing at nipping this in the bud. I could not be without this oil!


Ah lemon! One of the most uplifting scents you can imagine from a bottle, like pure sunshine and happiness. Lemon has so many uses (I feel like I am repeating myself here but all of these oils really are staple items to have in your home!). Lemon is fantastic diffused to freshen up any space and get rid of any musty smells. And owing to it’s chemical properties it is know to have a positive effect on your mood and emotions. I could not clean my house without lemon - I will also add this to my homemade surface cleanser, add to baking soda to help keep carpets fresh (especially if you have dogs like I do!). It’s also amazing for removing sticky stains on counter tops and cookers.


Saving the best until last. Frankincense, the King of Oils. I have written a whole other blog post on Frankinsence alone, which you can read here. There is so much I could say about Frankincense, but I will focus on a few main ways I use it. Diffused Frankincense creates the most comforting and safe atmosphere. It blends well with so many other oils, like lavender. Frankincense can also be used with any other oil to boost the effects of all other oils. Frankincense is superb for your skin, and you can create a face serum with it or add a drop to your moisturiser, your skin will feel beautiful. Frankincense is also great used in meditation and other mindfulness and spiritual practices.

A quick note on Quality & Ripple Effects

I cannot over emphasise the importance using the highest quality therapeutic grade essential oils, like doTERRA essential oils. You need to be sure that your oils are 100% pure and of the highest potency, as these oils are being absorbed into your body to have their beneficial effect. With doTERRA oils you can be completely confident that the oils are 100 % Certified Pure Therapeutic Grade- you can even check the chemical analysis of your particular bottle at Source to You. You know exactly where you oils have come from, sourced from over 45 countries worldwide, not to mention the huge ripple effect you are contributing to through the Co-Impact Sourcing Model.

As a little bonus, here is a video about the sourcing of doTERRA Frankincense in Somaliland. Enjoy :)

And there you have it, a super brief over view of how the top ten oils can help you and your family. I hope it has given you some ideas if you already use essential oils, and if not yet, then please get in touch with me and I will get you started on your oily journey.

Karen Houston