12 Simple Ideas to help you up-level your Health and Wellbeing today

Health and wellbeing is a journey, not a destination. The key to getting started or to keep moving in the right direction is to keep taking small attainable steps, and most importantly to enjoy the process! By doing this we can create sustainable habits that will serve us every day. 

When it comes to our health, it’s not the grand things we do once on a blue moon that increase our wellbeing, but the small things we do every day that accumulate to create a huge impact on our heath day to day, as well as protecting us for the future.

I have outlined a selection of 12 things you could start implementing in your days as you start to take steps to improve your health and lifestyle.

It’s not intended, nor would it be feasible, to start doing these things all at one – that wouldn’t be sustainable.  Instead, perhaps take one per week and try it and see how you feel.  Once you feel comfortable, you can add another one and so on.

We are all individual, and what works for one person, might not work for another. So be open to experiment, choose the next step that feels right, and trust that your body knows what it needs.

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1.    Drink more water – This sounds soooo simple!  But for me at least this is a daily struggle! Drinking more water and keeping ourselves fully hydrated has so many benefits, and you will feel so much better.  I find that the easiest way to remember to drink is to always carry a 500ml water bottle, and aim to refill this 3-4 times a day. 

2.    Practice cooking – This also sounds simple to many people, but in these busy days, it is so easy to reach for the most convenient option, whether that is a ready-made option, or the same meals again and again. Try making it a priority to spend some time in the kitchen expanding your cooking repertoire! See below for some ways you might experiment.

3.    Experiment with whole grains – too many benefits of whole grains to go into here.  But know that among other things, they will help to control your blood sugar levels, which not only helps keep you feeling fuller for longer, but will avoid that insulin spike that can have a detrimental impact on our bodies especially over the long term.

4.    Increase sweet vegetables – do you have sweet tooth or crave sugar all the time? Sweet vegetables are an amazing way to help deal with sugar cravings. Try adding carrots, sweet potatoes, squash to your meals. 

5.    Increase leafy green vegetables – this is a super simple way to get more nutrient dense food into your diet to help build a healthy body and immune system and so many other benefits. Think spinach, kale, spring greens, pak choi, cabbage. Many of these can be easily added to most dishes so it’s a great trick to throw some spinach or kale into whatever you are making, or have them cooked separately on the side.

6.    Experiment with protein – do you always stick to the same type of protein?  Try adding more oily fish if you eat fish, and whether you are vegetarian or not, get experimenting with all of the different beans and pulses, tofu, seitan and tempeh!

7.    Eat fewer processed foods – by doing this one thing, you will make a huge difference. The closer we can get to eating our food straight from where it came from, the better, whether that’s the field or the ocean. We will be consuming fewer synthetic chemicals and enjoy the optimal nutritional value of the food.  Remember we literally are what we eat!

8.    Make a habit of nurturing your body – make the time to take care of your body, whether that is through daily self-care rituals at home, or making it a priority to get a massage, or getting more sleep.

9.    Start using more natural solutions for everyday needs – the more we can reduce our exposure to synthetic chemicals the better, as the cumulative effect of these chemicals can be unknown or detrimental to our health, especially in the long term. Try switching to a natural make up brand, overhaul your cleaning routine with natural options, use natural remedies for minor ailments.  Start to become more conscious of what is in the products you are using in your home and on your body every day. I have switched to using essential oils whenever I can for cleaning, skincare and headaches etc. 

10.  Enjoy regular activity – aim to move your body for thirty minutes a day.  This can be through walking, yoga, hitting the gym, swimming, taking part in a class. It’s totally up to you and your exercise preferences, but you will find that daily movement in any shape or form will increase your energy as well as providing a vast range of health benefits!

11.  Find work you love – ok, so this one might not be able to be implemented in a week, but what you can do is to start to think about how satisfied you are with work that you do in the world. It doesn’t mean you have to start a whole new job or career (although you may do!), but think about whether or not there are ways you can make the work you do more fulfilling and enjoyable, or are there additional things you can do in your spare time, that really inspire and fulfil you?

12.  Develop a spiritual practice – this may or may not resonate with you as you read this. What I am really talking about is to carve out time in your day to connect inwards to yourself, so that you can quiet your mind enough to listen to that tiny little voice in your head, or tune in to your gut feelings. You can do this through meditation, yoga, walking in nature, breathing or whatever works best for you. The results will speak for themselves.

And there you have it – 12 small steps that you can think about implementing in your everyday life as you move along your journey of health and wellbeing.

I hope this has given you some ideas and food for thought. As I mentioned before, we are all different, and our journeys are all unique to us – no one can tell you the right way for you. So start experimenting, feeling into it, and tuning into your body and mind.

Do you have any additional ideas? Have you started implementing any of these ideas already? Comment below, or get in touch if you have any thoughts or questions – I am here to support!

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